... but you can't take the 'Ham out of the Lewis: 11/01/2008 - 12/01/2008

... but you can't take the 'Ham out of the Lewis

What's going on up here anyhow?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My List

I'm going to be 30 in February (yikes!) and here are some things I'd like to accomplish in the next year or so. I am incredibly thankful for my health and the support of my family and friends in all areas of my life.

1. Finish losing my pregnancy weight (10 pounds to go!)
2. Read through the Bible
3. Learn to play the guitar & harp at a beginner's level
4. Be able to run 5 miles at a time (I know, I'm lame, but I have to start somewhere)

These are all very concrete, tangible goals. Beyond that I have so many more abstract goals. These are the few most dear to my heart currently:

* To know my husband more intimately and know what truly speaks to his heart during this stage of life.
* To continue getting to know each of my children and to be God's hands and feet in their little lives.
* To allow God to continue healing me of my inherent self-loathing and to teach me how to see myself as He does.
* To continue looking outside of myself and my typical routine for places I can serve and let God use my experiences (both positive and negative) to be a blessing to others.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Sweet Gift

My friend, Krista, from a mom's group I'm a part of sent me these great note cards! Aren't they beautiful? She also sent me some tasty cookies and muffins, but you can't see them....they're already gone!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Messy Eater

10 month old baby + lentil stew + I forgot to put on a bib = wow...what a mess?!!??

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The sound of (toddler) silence

Zachary and Theo decided they wanted to fingerpaint today. My sister had given Theo some washable fingerpaints for his birthday, so we were all ready to have some fun! I found a couple of old shirts in my closet and figured out how to make them fit the boys. They fingerpainted for about a 1/2 hour and were very quiet for most of the time. The silence was broken by Theo singing his rendition of "Brown Girl in the Ring" (it goes something like, "brown in the...brown in the....brown in the.....lalalalal"). They made some beautiful pictures and had a very nice time. It's a gorgeous, sunny day today, so we're all getting on our shoes to go play outside!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Penny's 1st barette

I decided to put a barette in Penny's hair today. She barely has enough, but I found one in my drawer that would stay. It's a little bird barrette that I bought at a craft fair with Sandy while I was pregnant with Theo. I have worn it a few times, but it is so much cuter on a sweet, baby girl! It made me excited for the barrettes I ordered for her for Christmas. There is a great, stay-at-home mom here in Bellingham who makes baby barrettes. Check our her Etsy store http://www.angelhairclippies.etsy.com/ and buy some for a little girl in your life. Her husband is in the Army and I am proud of her for being industrious and finding a way to use her creativity and supplement her family's income. I got Penny the cute ones with the cupcakes, the dragonflies, and the reindeer (but in red/green).

Daddy's 1st Tumma-time

Theo and Daddy had their 1st Tumma-time together on Saturday. I had to get a picture. Prior to this, I had been the only one lucky enough to be able to put Theo down for naps. Tumma-time is Theo's special name for lying on my tummy on the couch while he falls asleep. It is a highly refined ritual that must have Mama, a cozy blanket (that must cover up his toes!), and one of his hands must twirl my hair. Andy put a lot of effort into making this attempt successful (I even hid in the kitchen for 20 minutes while they read the same story over and over) and it worked! He even did it again on Sunday!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our new friends

Mami, Marino and Risa (our community friends from WWU Asia University program) came over for lunch today. Theo and Penny entertained them well and we all enjoyed our time together! Here are a few pictures from the visit.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Visit from Grandma and Grandpa

Sandy and Doug came for a visit on Thursday night and stayed until yesterday afternoon. It was great to see them and the kids had a great time playing with them. I also had 2 small dance performance (1 on Friday and 1 on Saturday), so they acted as much needed babysitters while I was gone. Yesterday, while we were all watching, Penny pulled herself up on Theo's little wooden chair. She sat down just as we were trying to take her picture, so we posed her in the the standing position again to capture the moment. While taking the picture, Andy was saying, "This is not posed....honestly, it's not posed." Sandy stayed at the house with me and knitted while Penny slept and I worked on some reindeer overalls for Theo. I cut out a pair for Penny, too, but my sewing machine started acting weird just as I was finishing Theo's. I'll have to sew hers up sometime this week. They turned out really cute. I'll post a picture once Penny's are finished. Doug, Andy and Theo went to the Whatcom Museum exhibit on shipbuilding and to the Children's Museum exhibit about industry on the waterfront. They took some great pictures and said they had a great time. Now, Sandy and Doug have gone home and it's just the 4 of us again. Today should be a simple, relaxing day.....gotta go get ready for church!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My Children's World

Last night was just proof of many changes that have been happening in our country for decades. I am excited to know that my children will live in a world where opportunities for people off all colors extend all the way to our country's highest office. I won't say that I agree with all of President Elect Obama's policies and ideas, but I am thrilled that so many people are willing to jump in and get their hands dirty working for our country! When I looked at my kids this morning, I realized all I have to be thankful for. Our country has a fresh opportunity for change, people around the world are excited about that change, and above all, God is still in complete control!