... but you can't take the 'Ham out of the Lewis: 07/01/2008 - 08/01/2008

... but you can't take the 'Ham out of the Lewis

What's going on up here anyhow?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Men at Work

No, not the band. We got a cool captain's bed from Craigslist, but it made our bed ridiculously high (ex: we had to jump to get in the bed). It was free, so we're giving it away to another person this afternoon (once again, Craigslist to the rescue). This is a picture of Theo helping Andy take the bed apart. You may notice that Theo isn't dressed. Here's the interesting story of what happened before this picture was taken.

This morning, Theo had a little bit of diaper rash, so we took off his diaper, put on a big T-shirt & shoes, and sent him to play outside. About 15 minutes later, I hear "Help! Mama...." and crying. I look out from the kitchen and see Theo standing on the patio with poop in one of his shoes (his foot was still in the shoe, too!). We laughed, comforted him (he wasn't too upset, but just confused), and carried him inside for a bath. After the bath, he wanted to help Daddy fix the bed. The need to be the helper trumped the need to get dressed, so clothes had to wait until he was all done. He is now dressed, the bed frame is outside awaiting pick-up, and we're all hanging out in the house!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

He loves his soccer ball (A.K.A. I can't believe he didn't notice me videoing him)

He's cute, huh?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2+1+2+1=6 wonderful kiddoes!

Penny and Theo had their little baby friend Asa over today. He's been coming over fairly regularly since his Mama is teaching summer school. He is a regular addition to our hilarious cast of characters here at our house. Penny loves sitting in the highchair while Asa sits in the booster and sharing the solids experience together. In additon to Asa, Jonah (2) and Amelia (6 weeks) came to play so their Mama could have a nice, quiet lunch with our other small group friend, Anna. Rory came over too since her Daddy was leading a book discussion at the church. It was exactly like our small group Bible study, but without all of the parents! The kids were great. The babies all slept. The toddler played outside and then came in to bang on all of our musical instruments. I joked that Andy should quit his job and we should open a daycare. His response was a hearty "No". Enjoy the pictures. It was impossible to get them all looking at the camera at once.

I am 6 months old!

Here are some cute pictures of Penny in the crib on her 1/2 birthday. I've also included a couple of similar shots of Theo around this age. Very cute!

Goodbye, sweet friends

Michele and Lucas came and watch Theo and Penny for us yesterday. Andy was helping O.Shane pack their moving van and I had to work, so......Michele, babysitter extraordinaire, to the rescue! I took these pictures of the kids and I'm so glad I did. We may not see them before they leave tomorrow and then we'll have to make the long trek to Wyoming just to see our dear, dear friends. We wish them well and hope they know that we will be praying for safety, peace and joy during their move.

You are loved Balloun family!

Six-month Solids Sampling

Penny turned 6 months old last Friday, so we decided to start giving her a little bit of solid food yesterday! She started with avocado (just like Theo did) and seems to enjoy it. She probably only ate a Tbsp. or so, but it all stayed in. This is an interesting transition for me because it is proof that she is starting to grow up. I know that sounds odd to some of you. You're saying, "She's only 6 months old!" or "Geez Sarah. Don't be so melodramatic. She is soooo still a baby." I know that. I just also know that she's not a newborn anymore. This also made me realize that Theo really isn't a baby anymore. The saying really is true. When you have kids, the days go so slowly, but the years go so fast.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday morning entertainment

I love Saturdays! That is strange to say considering that everyday is like a Saturday this summer. These sweet, fun-filled days with my whole family are wonderful. I will have a hard time going back to real-life in the fall, but I know that real-life busyness is what makes this summer so special and meaningful.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Andy told Theo that we aren't going to correct his pronunciation of this word because it's so incredibly cute! Here he is eating his gupsetti, uh...spaghetti, this evening.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A fresh start

I just got home from the 2nd audition for the Dancing for Joy Jubilee Dance Company. We will have a group of 11 dancers and I am very excited to have our 1st Company ballet class tomorrow! It is a big responsibility to be their ballet teacher, but I am so excited to work with them all together for the summer and to teach the more advanced students in the fall. I pray that God would give me wisdom, inspiration, patience, and balance as I focus on this new stage at the studio.

Please pray for the Company members, the studio Directors, me, and for my family as they support me in this new role.

In His service,


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun in the water

The cold, cold water was almost more than we could take. Theo, his usual adventurous self, jumped right in, but wasn't sure he wanted to sit down. I sat beside the pool acting as lifeguard and referee for any brother vs. sister matches. Penny sweetly kicked her feet in the water and tried to eat all of Theo's water scoops and sieves. We sang, talked, played, snuggled, and got really, really wet! It was a wonderful way to spend the late afternoon and made me wish I lived in a place that was spring and summer all the time.

Friday, July 11, 2008

An adorable clash of wills

Who's in charge anyway?

Monday, July 07, 2008

The Long Winters concert

Andy and I went on a date on Saturday night. We went to see The Long Winters in Seattle at the Showbox. This was something we did fairly regularly when we lived in Seattle and something that we both still love to do. It was especially fun because they don't have a new album, so we already knew all of the words to the songs! That's my favorite part...singing along. Can you imagine paying good, hard-earned money to see a band live and then singing loudly while they sing? Weird, right?

Here are the lyrics to my favorite song. It reminds me how important it is for Andy and me to continue to find commmon interests, friendship, and new memories with eachother. I never want to look at him and think, "Who are you? Where did we go?"

Anyway...enough relationship philosophical talk......here are the lyrics!

*You can listen to the song by clicking here!

Hindsight by The Long Winters

Did you say what you wanted said?
And now you're just putting the days to bed
young actors want to play and play
and you'll play, but you're working

call applicants and stole cornering them
we're all waiting for the big day
if you feel crazy that you're still crazy
it hasn't happened for a few days
well just wait

in hindsight you're gonna wish you were here
you keep scratching at the old paint
but the wood is still there
and the room is still there

if you're trying to feel the wind
well that's a window you're pressed against

you never told me your secrets
so I guess they stayed safe with me
tall orders from such small shoulders
and invitations on blue paper

but I'm bailing water and bailing water
'cause I like the shape of the boat
you asked me and I told you
and you asked me and I told you and I told you

in hindsight you're gonna wish you were here
you keep scratching at the old paint
but the wood is still there
and the room is still there

if you're my anchor then I'm throwing you over the side
before I have the time to say
I never wanted anyone this way
but I'm smoking cigarettes when no one else does
and if I hold you now will I be holding a snowball
when the season changes and I'm craving the sun?

Are you still training for the big race
by hoping the runners will die?
Churning the words of your disgrace
but it's how you are when you're down that counts

and you know we're a good thing
it's been a long time since you said
put down your camera and let me ask you
is this new move just to keep moving?

in hindsight you're gonna wish you were here
you keep scratching at the old paint
but the wood is still there
and the room is still there

if I kiss you now like sun streaming in a tavern's door
would you wonder what I'm kissing you for?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Penny can roll over!

Supposedly. I left the room to go get Theo a snack and when I came back she had rolled onto her back. I put her back on her tummy and now she is happily just playing there. I'll try to keep the camera handy and get a video of it sometime in the next few days!

Way to go Penny!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Crazy Glasses

Theo actually calls this pair of glasses the "Crazy Glasses". During this photo shoot, he would say "Crazy Glasses" instead of "Cheese" when I took his picture. Very funny! And yes, that is a huge scrape on his head. It cracks me up every time I look at it because it looks exactly like a band-aid!